5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Tractor

Posted on: 4 October 2019

Are you looking for tractors for sale? You have to know what you are looking for. Tractors are essential in agriculture and modern farming, thanks to their versatility in handling a surfeit of tasks. Tractors have powerful engines for pulling heavy loads and running over rough terrain. Moreover, they offer long-term utility. Here is a guide to help you when choosing a tractor.  

1. Transmission  

The tractor's transmission type is a crucial factor when purchasing the tractor. The transmission type affects the performance of the tractor. Some tractors have a hydrostatic transmission that you can drive using your foot pedals. Therefore, you will only press harder on your pedal to increase the speed of your tractor. Operating this type of tractor is easy.  

On the contrary, manual gear transmissions like synchro-shift transmissions require the use of a control stick to control the tractor's speed. Maintaining a consistent pace with this tractor is easy since you only have to put the correct gear and let go.  

2. Engine  

The engine is the principal organ of your tractor and does the heavy work. You will have to choose between a gas or diesel engine according to your preferences and needs. The diesel engine is ideal for farming since they do a lot of work without heating up. The horsepower will tell the engine's strength. Higher power implies more power.  

3. Ease of Operation  

Most tractor operators are not skilled in handling all types of tractors. Operators only use the tractor while on the farm, so they want an easy-to-operate machine. You will have to understand how to operate your tractor for utmost efficiency. Additionally, incorrect operation of the tractor may damage it.  

4. PTO (Power Take-Off)  

PTOs are spinning shafts that are on the tractor's rear, middle or both. They provide power to tractor attachments like hay balers and mowers. They have a horsepower rating that is less than that of the tractor's engine.  

5. Safety  

Tractors are dangerous to use, even for the experienced operator. They have a high centre of gravity and may roll over. Therefore, ensure that your tractor comes with roll-over protection mechanisms or roll bars which extend beyond the operator. These safety features will protect you from crushing in case the tractor overturns.  

There are various factors to consider when purchasing a tractor; the above are the major ones. Tractors are expensive pieces of equipment; therefore, you should know how to maintain and operate yours. Tractors that only require easy maintenance should be your priority. Tractors are potent machines and crucial for handling heavy tasks on the farm. Opt for one that accordingly meets your needs.